Guitar for hire


The internet offers a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with musicians from around the world and I am available to record session work from my home studio.


        Here's how it works:

  •  Send me WAV files (preferably one of the full track and stems of the individual instruments)
  •  I will record a guitar track or tracks based on your suggestions, but will also let me ear and experience guide me. Instruments can include various types of guitar (electric, 6/12 steel or nylon string acoustic) or even mandolin and ukulele!
  • I'll then send you a rough MP3 mix for you to review and make any changes or adjustments needed.
  • When you are happy with the final version, I will send you the full resolution WAV files. 
  • The fee will be discussed before recording and a 50% deposit is required prior to the session - the balance is due upon completion. 
  • The fee is based on a case by case basis - depending on budget, amount of songs, style and amount of guitar work asked for. The price will be something that we are both comfortable with.